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About Marina

About Marina

Vegan Blogger, Educator and Recipe Creator

Hi! I’m Marina Yanay-Triner of Soul in the Raw. I promote a high-raw vegan lifestyle, meaning it is fully plant-based and high in fresh, living raw foods. My goal is to show you how easy, delicious and quick a high-raw vegan diet can be. You don’t have to give up ANYTHING when going vegan. I began her vegan journey as a result of a powerful healing story in my family, and discovered a new connection to myself in the process. My online course, “The Effortlessly Flavorful Vegan Kitchen”, will teach you how to make easy, quick and delicious vegan meals that include lots of raw foods, nutrients, and will tantalize your taste buds!

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Words from the Raw Souls Community

“I love the fast and inspired healthy recipes and even more, the caring, compassionate support that Marina provides. If I’m ever in a pinch for what to make, I just browse through the recipes and something always jumps out. And, since I have a lot of questions I adore the relationship that Marina creates with her followers and community.”

Lindsay G.

“I love watching the videos and Facebook live for several reasons. I am trying very hard to get onto a plant based diet and watching all the information you share is very beneficial and inspiring to me. Apart from that some of the videos you share are based on real life situations and they help me to realize that I am not the only one going through this life journey.”

Reshma M.

“Marina has definitely made a positive impact on my life. Just her spirit that emanates from her videos just makes your soul feel good.” Danielle K.

“Marina is a beautiful person! I am so grateful for the day I met her online! Starting my hard journey to raw (almost raw) vegan diet I felt lots of stress and issues around it, but Marina always was there for me and gave so many useful information, her opinion and knowledge, great advices and of course lots of support! And definitely her recipes help a lot and taste so good!! She is an inspiration and motivation and amazing example of goodness! Thank you Marina for what you are doing here!! 😘”

Olya F.

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