A Raw Soul =A Happy Soul = A Happy You!

The purpose of this website is to share information, from my personal experience, about the ways in which nutrition is connected to our minds, bodies, and SOULS! Aside from RAW recipes (which are so fun to create!), I will also be sharing tips, skills, and tricks that I use for self-development and the ways that my path on the raw diet has transformed my entire well-being, particularly my inner feeling of joy! My goal is to help you to be simple in your nutrition and your general attitude, and allow your best self and inner-voice to shine through and guide you through your choices.
To start, you’re welcome to click on “Start Here”, which has the core philosophy of this website, and hosts several articles that relate to each portion of that philosophy. 

A soul in the raw is not necessarily the completely exposed soul, but it is a soul willing to flower, flourish, and bloom in its most natural state – the raw state. This basically means one is willing to live life exactly as she or he wills it, exactly fitting her or his personality and inner voice.
Being a soul in the raw includes many elements: it includes nutrition, the ability to express your true emotions, inner and outer peace, responsibility that you take over your life and your earth – and much more…


What is raw food?

To me, raw food is LIVE FOOD! It’s food that brings you close to nature, and it changes not only your nutrition, but can change your whole life if you allow it!!!

Think of picking an apple from a tree and eating it that moment: that’s our general goal. As simple as possible, as fresh as possible, as living as possible! Take the life of the apple to fuel your own! And you don’t have to be 100% raw (uncooked foods, vegan, living) to enjoy this way of life or this website. The goal is to eat as much raw, living, vibrant food as possible! Don’t be scared – it’s super fun :) Find your own balance and live by it!