Herby Lemonade

Raw lemon juice is antioxidant rich and has many anti-cancer properties. It is rich in Vitamin C, and essential for a functioning immune system, helps digestion (that’s a huge bonus for meee!) and helps wounds heal faster!


It’s hot in Israel! And I want something cold to drink!


How do you make lemonade? Super simple and easy, and you can get some juice into your system, which is always amazing!


Juice the following right into the blender:

Equal amounts of:

Lemons (you can replace these with limes)

And oranges (you can replace these with grapefruit, or tangerines, or other semi-sweet citrus)

Add some ice, if you like (or, add some water – about a cup)

Add about a Tbsp of raw honey! (when it’s cold, raw honey is not liquid)

Add 1/4-1 bunch of mint! (in Israel, we call this limonana! Nana=mint)

Blend everything! This you can drink already, but to make it even more yummy:

Then, to make it beautiful, delicious, and colorful, add 1-2 Tbsp of lavender flowers (in the photo on the left – but don’t go overboard like I did, just put about a tablespoon in for that size jar)

And some whole rosemary branches (on the left)!

It is ridiculous how quickly these are finished in our house. They are sooo good!


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